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Help Fulfill the Great Commission!

How much would you give to win souls & save lives?  When you give into FOFMA, you are doing just that!  Partner with us today by choosing one or more of the giving options below.

General Donation
Take Your Part in Spreading the Gospel- click the donate link below and make a donation of one of the following amounts or more.
Tithing is the process of willfully giving one tenth of your annual produce or earnings. Our money represents a majority of our time and efforts. When we pay our tithes (a tenth of all of our income) to honor God, He honors us in return. It is not just a matter of money; it is a matter of the heart. It is not just about what we give, but how we give. Tithe into FOFMA and elevate your entire life and ministry.
Proverbs 3:9 says Honor the Lord with thy substance, and with the FIRSTFRUITS of all thine increase: Verse 10 says So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine.  It represents the first increase that we receive, whether it is the first paycheck on a new job or a pay increase.  When we honor God in this way, it not only ensures that the blessing will rest on our house, it also ensures the blessing of that particular avenue of wealth.
Broadcast Donations
Our media ministry is impacting lives worldwide through Eternal Friends Network and WVIU Web Radio.  Through these avenues we, have effectively reached over a million people with the Gospel of Christ.  We need your support to keep spreading the Word through television and radio.  With your financial gift, you can help us continue our efforts.  Donate Today!

To learn more about our media outreach visit the following sites:   and
Love Gifts
These are gifts given specifically to bless and show our appreciation for the leadership of FOFMA.  When we sow directly into a man or woman of God's life out of a pure heart, we can receive of the anointing that is on his or her life, making us more effective and prosperous in life and in ministry.  Support our leadership today!
International and National Missions
Through the missions program, FOFMA is truly making disciples. Support our International and National program and take part in going into all of the world.